Riot Games' new Agent is going to be a fantastic addition to the roster

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The next Valorant Episode is right around the corner and there's a new Valorant Agent joining Riot Games' roster. Episode 3 Act 1 is going to be a fantastic evolution of the title and we can't wait to see more.

We don't know if the new Agent is going to be coming to Valorant Mobile's in-development roster, yet. But, here's what we know so far....

LATEST - KAY/O Inspired Weapon Skins?

Valorant's Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass is right around the corner and a new set of leaks has suggested that there are a few Weapon skins on the way inspired by the newest Agent to join the Roster.

The K/TAC Weapon Skins appear to follow the same naming pattern as the new Valorant Agent and this could mean that they're inspired by their appearance and their lore.

You can check them out below:

On the whole, they offer a sleek black design. However, they are accented with lights that are somewhat similar to KAY/O's design scheme.

Say Hello To The New Valorant Agent

Riot Games' newest addition to Valorant's roster of characters is KAY/O. This robotic figure is out for blood and it looks like he's going to make sure he's going to get it!

You can check out his Agent Reveal Trailer below, which showcases a mix of Valorant gameplay and Cinematic sequences:

It's time to kill some radiants, right? KAY/O is slated to be one of the big features of Valorant Episode 3 and we're expecting to learn more about his character and the other changes coming over the next few days.

KAY/O - Full Agent Ability Kit

KAY/O might seem a little mysterious, and very deadly, but we already know what his Agent Ability Kit is looking like. For the most part, he has some unique abilities that should make him a force to be reckoned with in an organised team.

    • Equip a "Suppression Blade" that sticks to surfaces, then suppresses anyone inside the radius of its explosion;
    • Equip a Flash Grenade that blinds anyone in the line of sight of its explosion;
      • Right-Click Throw charges the Flash Grenade, offering a 1s cooking time as opposed to the standard 1.6s
New Valorant Agent Episode 3 KAYO Flash Drive
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FLASHBANG, THROUGH THE DOOR - Blind and disable your enemies with KAY/O
    • Equip an "Explosive Fragment" that sticks to the floor and explodes in a cluster effect.
  • X - NULL/CMD
    • Overload KAY/O with polarized Radianite energy that empowers him and causes suppressive energy pulses to emit from his location;
      • KAY/O gains a Combat Stim while Overloaded;
      • KAY/O can be revived if he goes down while Overloaded;

KAY/O is an Initiator by trade, which means you'll want him to make the most of his suppressing abilities at the start of a fight. KAY/O isn't going to be the easiest Agent to use, but his Combat Stim (that he gets when he is using his Ultimate) should offer players a fighting chance in the thick of the fight.

Episode 3 Release Date

Riot Games has kept mum about Episode 3 for a while, however, it now looks like we're going to be hearing more from the team behind Valorant over the next few days following the reveal of the new Valorant agent.

Episode 3 is scheduled to be arriving sometime before the end of June, with many believing this could be as early as June 22nd! There's not been any full confirmation just yet, but this does seem the most likely given the current season's duration. That, and the fact that KAY/O is slated to arrive then.

New Valorant Agent Epiosde 3
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IT IS TIME TO REFLECT - Episode 3 is going to be all about Reflection, narratively at least

In terms of a specific time, it's hard to predict. We are expecting the Episode 3 update for Valorant to drop around 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 21:00 BST. This is, of course, subject to change and delay, as with any update.

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