Will a new Uncharted Game be Released in 2023?

Uncharted 5

Uncharted 5

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End perfectly wrapped up the story of Nathan Drake, and was everything fans could have asked for from a swansong. That being said, it hasn't stopped fans from speculating about a possible release of a follow-up sometime in 2023.

The PS5 has now been out for some time, and for those lucky enough to get one, the list of exclusives is still rather slim. A fifth installment in the series could be just the additions fans are hoping for. Here's everything we know so far about a potential sequel.

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Will there be another Uncharted Game?

Given how successful the series has been for PlayStation, there is a very good chance there will be another sequel, but nothing is confirmed yet. We do have a few clues however that point to a new game being in development as we speak.

Uncharted 4
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While NaughtyDog appears to have bowed out of development, it does seem like another studio may be taking up the mantle. This would fit with the story, as the current arc was very much wrapped up in Uncharted 4.

Sony acquired Bluepoint Games in 2021, a studio that has worked on the franchise previously. Additionally, several job listings have surfaced, reportedly to work on one of PlayStation's best-known series, although any specifics are shrouded in mystery.

Long story short, all the signs point to an Uncharted being in development, but with no announcement or information to go on, we can't be sure.

Uncharted 5 Release Date

Since no announcement from Sony has surfaced, even if a new game is in the works, we're likely looking at 2024 for the release, if not 2025. This is somewhat unfortunate news, but there's plenty coming from PlayStation to sink your teeth into in the meantime.

Spider-Man 2 is coming as the first big PlayStation exclusive in 2023, designed for PS5 so expect gorgeous graphics and gameplay. Assassins Creed Mirage will also arrive for all platforms in the mid-year, if you're looking for more Action-Adventure after Uncharted.

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