A new PSVR survival game looks like the best one yet

PlayStation has just announced a brand new PSVR survival game that is going to launch in 2021!

Song in the Smoke, from 17-Bit Studios, is an incredible-looking experience that will be a must-play for any PSVR owners.

Below, we have everything you need to know about the new PSVR survival game that's on the way!

Song in the Smoke

" The sun is setting, and the dense trees are casting long shadows across the forest. My fire is fading, too, its light flickering in the gloom. From the bushes, I hear a growl, low, and hungry."

Song in the Smoke is a PSVR game with survival at its' core. Rich McCormick from 17-Bit Studios has offered fans an exciting insight into the game via the PlayStation blog.

Developers 17-Bit have worked hard to foster a naturally beautiful, yet wholly dangerous, environment for you to explore in Song in the Smoke.

PSVR Survival Game Song in the Smoke Bow and Arrow Hunting
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HUNT - Survival is key in Song in the Smoke

In this, expect to have to forage for supplies and craft vital equipment with what appears to be a fantastically detailed set of survival features that will force you to think ahead as the deadly nights loom.

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" The first priority is always survival in Song in the Smoke. That means hunting and scavenging for food to stave off hunger, and it means choosing safe campsite locations to sleep at to avoid exhaustion."

Song in the Smoke features a number of biomes and appears to be a lot more open than other PSVR survival games at the moment.

Song in the Smoke's creatures move in a way that " only possible in VR" and hit hard if you're not prepared.

PSVR Survival Game Song in the Smoke Wolf Axe
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KILL - Sometimes, it is the only way to survive

But, fear not! Your survival is in your own hands with PSVR and, even if it is a bit scrappy, you can find more than one way to survive.

Release Date

As it stands, we don't know anything more than the fact that Song in the Smoke will be launching in 2021.

Although this is a little vague and subject to change, we can imagine that this means that it will be released somewhen in the second half of the year.

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This will be welcome news to PSVR fans who are often starved of these experiences on their platform, though.

It may be a little bit of a wait, but Song in the Smoke will be a PSVR survival game worth waiting for!

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