Moss: Book 2 Release Date Confirmed

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Moss released to fanfare and great sales only a few years ago and we are already ready for where Quill's story will take her next. Luckily, today, we received an official release date. Here's everything we know about it so far

Moss: Book 2 Release Date

Moss: Book 2 will finally launch on March 31st this year, mere weeks from now. Only being announced last July, this is a pretty quick turnaround for the game.

Moss originally launched back in February 2018 so this makes a four year difference between the two games. It came to PC just a few months later in June so it seems likely that Moss: Book 2 will do something similar.

What platforms is Moss: Book 2 on?

As of right now, Moss: Book 2 is set to launch exclusively on PSVR meaning you can play it via your PS4 or PS5. This being said, we anticipate it coming to other platforms at a later date. The first Moss is currently out on PSVR, PC and Oculus Quest

What is Moss: Book 2?

Moss: Book 2 is a follow up to the first game, taking Quill on a brand new journey with new skills, tools and stories. It is supposed to be a bigger game and this shows in the announcement trailer from last year.

This being said, it focuses heavily on the character of Quill and what the next journey could mean for her. This is sure to be a pretty emotional tale. You can preorder the game right now ahead of launch or wait for some more trailers to come out to fully make up your mind. Either way, we will update you right here with any updates as they come in.

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