How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is now out on Nintendo Switch, as an exclusive to Nintendo's system, but many of the systems are the same, including how you fast travel.

Below, we'll run you though exactly how you do that so that you're getting around the world quickly.

How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise

While you're exploring the world, looking for monster targets to take down, you might want to quickly get back to your camp or other landmarks, without running the whole way.

It won't be a feature that you unlock until you've completed the tutorial sections, but it's nice and easy once it's done.

What you'll need to do first is hold down the minus (-) button on your Switch controller of choice to open up the map. You can't just press the - button, as that won't bring up the map.

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Then, you need to press A to start the fast travelling process.

Doing that will allow you to select where you'd like to fast travel to from the list in the top left corner of the screen.

Monster Hunter Rise fast travel
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Monster Hunter Rise Map

Scroll down to the place you'd like to head to and press A once more. You'll then zip back to wherever you want to go and will be able to continue on with your adventure.

More Fast Travel Locations

As you make your way through the missions in Monster Hunter Rise, you'll slowly unlock more places to fast travel to, but the first will be your camp.

Your camp is where you can upgrade, craft items, and get ready for your next hunt.

You'll be safe there, but be sure to make the most of it, getting everything you need before heading out into the wild once more.

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