Ranking the Best League of Legends Esports Casters of All Time

Fans of professional League of Legends know that the events would lack life without casters. The shoutcasters pump up fans and players alike and make the event exciting.

With the best casters also being seasoned players themselves, knowledge is everywhere. Their voices also play a huge role in how they put themselves across.

Casters in this list mostly come from big esports events like LCS and LEC. Each having their own personality, style and knowledge, let's look at the best casters of all time.

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What is a caster?

A caster, short for shoutcaster, is somebody who commentates on professional games. With knowledge of not only the game but the teams, history and dynamics, their job is demanding.

Alongside the basic knowledge, casters must also have their personalities put across. Being prepared for the unexpected is a key element too. League of Legends can be a volatile game, so they must be ready for live updates.

League of Legends caster Jatt

Jatt caster
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Joshua "Jatt" Leesman is one of many casters who started as a professional player. He played the jungle role for Rock Solid and shows off his unending knowledge of the game as a caster.

His time as a professional player was extremely short, but it allowed him to gather information to become a well-rounded and well-spoken caster. He left the role in 2020 to become a head coach for Team Liquid.


Phreak caster
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David "Phreak" Turley is a well-regarded name in the League of Legends community. The voice behind champion spotlights, a Primetime League host and many other achievements rank him highly on this list.

His superior game knowledge is one of the best out there. Pair that with his classic dad puns and you've got a caster who won't be forgotten any time soon.


Kobe caster
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Sam "Kobe" Hartman-Kenzler is a brilliant LCS caster for League of Legends. Just like Jatt, he was also a former pro player, so has brilliant knowledge of the game.

Kobe is very well-known for being a pro-team personal hype man. This, paired with his dissection of the games makes for a brilliant caster who knows what he's talking about.

League of Legends Caster Quickshot

Quickshot caster
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Trevor "Quickshot" Henry is a premier play-by-play caster for the European LCS. Additionally, his knowledge of the game is best shown by his ability to name every single skill shot in League of Legends.

He also began his journey in the industry by being a professional player. Call of Duty 4 was what he excelled in until he found his passion as a caster.


DoA caster
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Erik "DoA" Lonnquist is best known for covering LCK. With a very distinct and outgoing personality, he has been described as "simply the best" caster.

His skill shows as he is able to cast a match all by himself. He is also known for speaking well and adding comedy and bluntness to his work. Truly, a caster for the ages.

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