Lucian Featured in Every Single Opening Weekend Game of LCS and LEC

Lucian is the ADC in League of Legends who is not seen very often in lower-rank plays. But in professional play, he is highly popular due to the mechanical skill it takes to pull off the plays that he can.

The durability update also helped to bolster this champion's prestige in higher ranks. The increased health stats helped ADCs to stay in lane longer, get more farm, and ultimately? More fed.

LCS and LEC currently starting their Summer Split. Lucian has been a champion who has either been picked or banned in every single match so far but why is this?

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Lucian in LCS Games

Lucian has been played in three of the LCS weekend games so far. And in all three of these games, his win rate has hit 100 percent with four wins and zero losses.

An average KDA of 11.0 shows the damage that he is able to put out and the strength that comes from having this ADC on your team.

Week one, day three saw TSM's "Tactical" picking Lucian and Nami into Senna and Tahm. The iconic duo have been a key matchup of ADC and support for a while now and whenever he was picked, Nami would soon follow.

In the LCS, Zeri and Senna were also present in every game. Wukong rose to 100 percent pick/ban in the LEC thanks to the recent buffs in the jungle. Similar to Lucian, these three champs were nearly all banned more than they were picked resulting in skewed win rates.

Lucian in LEC Games

Week one, day three saw G2 face-off against Excel in the Summer Split. G2's "Flakked" picked Lucian into the Ezreal Nami combo. With Ezreal's jumpy nature, it seemed that he would suffer considerably more than against an immobile champion like Jhin.

But by the end of the game, the stronger ADC, ended up with a 5/0/7 KDA compared to Ezreal's weaker 1/2/2. The items brought showed a clear divide between the champions as well. The strength of the team boosted by this popular ADC helped G2 secure the win.

With the current meta helping champions like Lucian gain notoriety in professional gaming, it's just a waiting game to hear about his nerf. Perhaps not affecting the lower-ranked players, the Lucian nerf will hit the next season of professional play.

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