Knockout City arrives this week with some awesome gameplay features

The anticipation for the arrival of Knockout City is building, with the game set to be released in the coming days!

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We've gathered all the information you need to know about the specific gameplay features of KO City.

Gameplay Features

Rule the city through lightning-fast multiplayer matches featuring mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics.

Increase the strength of your attack by passing to power up dodgeballs, targeting your opponents with a variety of specialized balls, or “Balling Up” at any time to get thrown (yes, like a ball) by teammates.


Assemble an All-Star dodgeball Crew with your friends for multiplayer matches in a seamless cross-play experience.

Together, knock out opponents in 3v3, 4v4, or free-for-all matches, and dominate as a team to unlock distinctive, Crew-only rewards.

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ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW - Line-up and customise the look of your crew

Customisation is everything in Knockout City - create your brawler, from clothing to body type, and add unique KO Effects, Gliders, Taunts, and Victory and Defeat Poses.

Plus, unlock Crew rewards like vehicles and logos.


Battle it out with other Crews across dynamic maps all over the city.

Dodgeball thrives between skyscraper rooftops, across busy streets—and even at the local construction site.

While you’re dodging dodgeballs, watch out for moving cars, rooftop drops, and even a wrecking ball or two.

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MAP IT OUT - Concussion Yard looks to have plenty of tricks up its sleeve

It’s easy to pick up and play thanks to familiar controls, but practice is key to becoming a champion.


On a level playing field, only the most skilled ballers stand out from the crowd. Use your knowledge to master the intricacies of the game for spectacular KOs.

Get the job done with a variety of Special Balls, from the zero-gravity Moon Ball to the ticking Bomb Ball and the trapped Cage Ball.

And remember, if there's no ball nearby - just Ball Up and get a teammate to throw you!

Knockout City Trailer

The reveal trailer for Knockout City arrived on Wednesday, 17 February 2021.

Watch the trailer to give yourself a better idea of how the gameplay will actually work in-game.

Knockout City Release Date

An official release date for Knockout City has been revealed.

knockout city release schedule
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THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER: The Knockout City release schedule has been set

Knockout City arrives on Friday, 21 May 2021 at approximately 1pm BST / 8am ET.

Season 1 will kick off on Tuesday, 25 May.