The Callisto Protocol - Is the game playable in co-op?

Many players are asking if The Callisto Protocol is co-op

Many players are asking if The Callisto Protocol is co-op

With the spiritual successor to Dead Space known as The Callisto Protocol right around the corner, many players are excited to get their hands on the game.

With a game holding the reputation of the gruesome horror and gore of the Dead Space franchise, however, many players are a little cautious about playing the game alone and want to play it along with a friend as a co-op experience.

So can you? Here's everything we know so far.

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Is The Callisto Protocol Co-Op?

Can you explore the world of The Callisto Protocol with friends?
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Unfortunately, The Callisto Protocol will not be co-op at launch and there is no confirmation that multiplayer will ever be added.

According to the Steam listing for The Callisto Protocol, the game is a single-player-only experience but a lot of things surrounding the game make it seem like there could be some multiplayer elements added to the game down the line.

The first of these is a little disclaimer on the side of the Steam page that mentions the game incorporating 3rd-party DRM software, mainly Denuvo Anti-Tamper.

While this is not unheard of for single-player games, with DRM often being a point of controversy for PC games on multiple different platforms, it does at least open the door for some form of multiplayer experience to be added to The Callisto Protocol.

Secondly, The Callisto Protocol also has a confirmed season pass as a part of the game, something that is pretty unusual for a single-player game in 2022. In, fact, it's far more common to see this kind of feature in a multiplayer game, referred to as a battle pass.

This doesn't confirm the inclusion of multiplayer but it just seems to odd not to see some form of multiplayer added to the game, even if it's competitive in nature instead of a co-op experience but it wouldn't be the first game like this to include co-op with Dead Space 3 also having a co-op mode for its campaign.

While its status as a multiplayer game remains unknown for the time being, what we do know is that when the game releases, it will be a single-player game and one that we'll need to be brave to finish.

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