The Callisto Protocol: Release Date, Gameplay & Platforms

The Callisto Protocol is one of the most exciting survival horror games coming out soon.

The Callisto Protocol is one of the most exciting survival horror games coming out soon.

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There are a great many exciting and highly-anticipated titles releasing in the latter half of 2022 with one of the last games to get its release being the Dead Space spiritual successor known as The Callisto Protocol.

This title marks the first of an exciting run of releases for fans of the survival horror genre, with The Callisto Protocol being followed by the remakes of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4. Here's everything you need to know about The Callisto Protocol.

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LATEST - The Callisto Protocol Cancelled in Japan

The Callisto Protocol has had some trouble with The Japanese rating board
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One of the more exciting aspects of The Callisto Protocol is, of course, the balancing of sheer terror and violence. For gamers hoping to experience that in Japan, however, they might be disappointed.

Announced via the Japanese Twitter page for The Callisto Protocol, Krafton and Striking Distance announced that the game is cancelled. CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization), Japan's rating board couldn't accept the amount of violence in the game, with Striking Distance refusing to tone it down.

The CERO rating board is notorious for how strict they are with violence. This latest move means that the only way to play The Callisto Protocol in Japan is to import it or buy it on PC.

The Callisto Protocol Goes Gold

Announced via the team on Twitter, The Callisto Protocol has now gone gold, meaning that the game is done and ready to be released to the world without any further delays.

This means that outside of general bug fixes and minor patches to the game, the development process has now wrapped and we just have to wait for the game to finally arrive.

The Truth of Black Iron Trailer Released

As we approach the final release date of The Callisto Protocol and enter the Halloween season, a new atmospheric story trailer has been revealed, giving us a look at the various locations we will sneak through while hinting at the mysteries that the game has to offer.

Likely Not Coming to Game Pass

Will The Callisto Protocol come to Game Pass?
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Sadly, for players who were hoping to get their hands on The Callisto Protocol via Xbox Game Pass, it seems unlikely that the game will be joining the service upon launch.

In an interview with TrueAchievements, Striking Distance Studios' Chief Technology Officer Mark James seemed to shut down any possibility of seeing the upcoming horror game on the service, saying that the Game Pass model was "difficult" for independent studios with single-player games like them.

Clarifying his point, James would mention that Game Pass benefits the more open-world style games and repetitive multiplayer experiences as opposed to the more linear experience of a Callisto Protocol, but doesn't rule the game out as ending up on one of the services eventually.

New Trailer Revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live

A brand new trailer for The Callisto Protocol looks at more of its gameplay and its enemies' ability to mutate into even more powerful creatures.

The Callisto Protocol's Gore System.

The Callisto Protocol is bringing horror back to the mainstream of gaming.
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In an interview with IGN Striking Distance Studios' CTO, Mark James talked about the upcoming horror game and what the team have managed to create using the Unreal engine.

One of the most interesting talking points of the interview for fans, however, was discussing The Callisto Protocol and its use of Unreal's Simple Demolitions System.

Most known for its uses in creating destructible terrain, Striking Distance Studios has customized it for an in-game gore system to amplify the horror for fans. The customised system will blend blood splatter, chunk creation and dismemberment, creating a diegetic health bar for enemies via flesh, muscle and skeletal wounds. It was also used to amp up the gore for the many, many player deaths.

What Is The Release Date For The Callisto Protocol?

An enemy found in The Callisto Protocol.
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The Callisto Protocol is one of the last major releases for the year, with a release date scheduled for Friday, 2nd December 2022. It will also be a cross-gen title, releasing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. There are currently no confirmed plans for a release on the Nintendo Switch though that could change down the road.

The Callisto Protocol Gameplay

The Callisto Protocol was one of the shining stars of Summer Game Fest with a pair of excellent trailers to hype it up ahead of its winter release. The more exciting of the two was an extended look at its gameplay in action.

This extended look at The Callisto Protocol puts its Dead Space influence on full display, with Glen Schofield, the main creator behind the upcoming title being the main vision behind the original Dead Space title. Fans of that trilogy are sure to enjoy what The Callisto Protocol has to offer with a familiar atmosphere and gore-filled gameplay cycle that is sure to get your blood pumping.

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