Is Saints Row on PlayStation Plus?

The Saints Row reboot is soon to be released at the end of August. It's coming out on a bunch of platforms but fans are still asking questions.

The PS Plus for July 2022 included two older games in the series. IV: Re-Elected and Gat out of Hell were both featured in the month's free games. This might mean that the new reboot is also included.

However, let's take a look at what fans are asking and whether it will be on Playstation Plus.

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What is Saints Row?

Saints Row is a gaming franchise which started way back in 2006. The adventure action game was highly popular back in the day. However, now the game is making a resurgence with a brand new story, map, characters and more. The game sees players building a criminal empire as a street saint in the game.

Saints Row
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Popularity for the game has spiked again and it makes sense as loyal fans have been waiting for over a decade for the next instalment.

Will the reboot be on Playstation Plus?

Saints Row will be on Playstation Plus! A Playstation plus active account is required to be able to play the game online. And as the online feature of the game is one of the best, it makes sense to get involved.

Saints Row
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This was announced in the pre-order section of the Playstation store online.

The game also is able to be played on the cross-generation of Playstations. A PS4 and a PS5 owner could play together in the co-op mode. As the PS5 has been very tricky to get your hands on, it's great that the game can be played and connected to both.

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