Monster Hunter Rise PS5: Can you play Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation?

Monster Hunter Rise is easily one of the best games in the Monster Hunter series - however, it recieved a lot of flak when it launched in March 2021 for being a Switch exclusive. We know this was a timed exclusivity, but it's still left a sour taste in a lot of fan's mouths. Now we're heading into 2022... Are we getting Monster Hunter Rise on the PS4 and PS5?

UPDATE - PC Release coming soon...

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC via Steam on January 12th, 2022. This means the Switch exclusivity is coming to an end and could signal that we're getting a native PlayStation console release in the future.

Unfortunately, though, there's no information to suggest this is anytime soon. Monster Hunter Rise on PC will support 4K graphics, uncapped frame rates, and HDR support. There's no reason that this couldn't be done on a PlayStation 5... Right? Maybe we'll get it in time for the Sunbreak expansion...

Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming To PS4/PS5?

Monster Hunter Rise is due to release only on Nintendo Switch on March 26th.

This is strange considering the previous entry, Monster Hunter World, was released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and became Capcom’s best selling game, beating Street Fighter 2 which has held the record since the early 90s.

Since World was so successful it seems weird that the game is only being released on the Nintendo Switch.

But, some non-Switch owners are in luck because it has been confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will be releasing on PC some time in 2022.

Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told IGN that "We received a lot of requests for a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. This is still under development, so I'd like to share more detailed information when the time is right."

As of right now, there appears to be no plans to bring Monster Hunter Rise to neither PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

But, with the popularity of Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Xbox One, we wouldn’t be surprised if the game eventually makes it way to PlayStation, although right now it will remain a Nintendo Switch exclusive for at least a year.

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