Is Biomutant Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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We're just hours away from Biomutant, Experiment 101's latest game, going live! As is the case with many release day games - there's plenty of speculation over whether Biomutant is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

While we don't have any official confirmation yet, we have a pretty good reason why it should make the cut.

Latest - Biomutant Launch Time

Biomutant is nearly set to make a big impression on the gaming world, with plenty of hype behind it.

Players can finally start playing the game at 10am EST on Tuesday, May 25 - so don't miss out on the launch excitement!

Is Biomutant Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

As of right now, there is no announcement of Biomutant coming to Game Pass but deals are made all the time and Microsoft recently just announced more games coming to the service.

If Biomutant came to Game Pass, it wouldn't be the only big game they've brought to the roster on day one. Just last month, Square Enix's Outriders came out on Xbox at release. This means players could enjoy a AAA game for the price of one month's worth of Game Pass; a killer deal.

What makes this deal even more impressive is the fact that it's not a first-party title. Xbox Studios games are expected to come to Xbox Game Pass but Square Enix are a huge third-party publisher. So, Biomutant doesn't seem so strange anymore.

THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic are the publisher of Experiment 101's Biomutant. This has some important effects on how the game will release. They will be responsible for lining up deals, working out the physical release, and polishing everything off before its release on May 25.

If Biomutant were to come to Xbox Game Pass, it would not be the first THQ Nordic game to arrive. Recently, both alien smash 'em up Destroy All Humans and car smash 'em up Wreckfest arrived on Xbox Game Pass.

Just a few months prior, we saw Darksiders Genesis and Desperados 3 make their entrance to the service. Needless to say, Xbox have a good working relationship with the publisher and have shown they're willing to see their games hit Game Pass. Hopefully, we'll see Biomutant too.

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