How To Pre Order and Preload Deathloop - Buyers Guide

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Deathloop, the latest ps5 exclusive game from Arkane Studios, is mere months away from its launch. Coming up to the big day, you may be wondering a few things. How to pre order Deathloop, how the multiplayer works, and does it work on PS4? There are so many questions up in the air.

Luckily, when it comes down to preorders, we have all the information you need to know right now. Here's everything you should know.

Deathloop Release Date

Before getting into the details, it's important to be aware of when the game comes out. You can play the game for yourself on September 14th this year.

This is coming off the back of a delay just a few months ago so there's always a slim chance we can see a delay again.

How Pre Orders & Bonuses Work

Over on the site, you can get a rundown of all the editions currently available.

For preordering (regardless of platform) you get the following items:

  • Unique Weapon: Royal Protector Machete (PS5 Exclusive)
  • Unique Character Skin: "Storm Rider" Colt
  • One Trinket (equippable buff)

Moving from here, you can pick up the deluxe edition of the game and that will come with:

  • Unique Weapon: Transtar Trencher (PS5 Exclusive)
  • Unique Weapon: Eat The Rich Tribunal
  • Unique Weapon: .44 Karat Fourpounder
  • Character Skin: "Party Crasher" Colt
  • Character Skin: "Sharp Shooter" Julianna
  • Original Game Soundtrack Selections
  • Two Trinkets (equippable buffs)

Will There be a Deathloop Collector's Edition?

Unfortunately, we don't know if there will be as of right now. This being said, Arkane's previous titles, Dishonored and Prey, had physical limited editions.

Prey didn't have a collectors edition but Dishonored 2 has a great one. Hopefully, we'll see a great-looking one later this year in some form.

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