Is Deathloop Multiplayer? Details on all of the game's modes

Deathloop, the timed PS5 exclusive, has surprised many with how stylish and original it is. With a focus on a time loop and escaping a puzzle-filled world, there appears to be tonnes of replayability in it. With all this being said, you might wonder "Is Deathloop Multiplayer?" To put it simply, yes but maybe not in the way you're expecting.

The multiplayer, like the rest of the game, is unique and interesting, offering strange new systems and lots to figure out. Here's what we know about Deathloop's multiplayer. This Game Informer piece helped with our research.

Deathloop Release Date

Before we get started, we should probably know when the game releases. After a handful of delays, we finally know the game will launch on September 14th this year.

Now only months away, there's a chance the game can get delayed again but it doesn't seem that likely. Hopefully, we'll all be playing in mere months.

Is Deathloop Multiplayer?

Deathloop has you take down targets in an area as part of your escape plan. Among those is Julianna, whose sole purpose is to take you down. As you may have guessed already, this character is played by a meddling online player hellbent on stopping you from completing your goals.

This is balanced by allowing Cole, your character, to have three live in a day where your opponent will only have one.

Essentially, they have to try and be more tactical about their decision where you can risk it all on a quick win. This being said, if they've been killed there are some surprise mechanics that will get in your way.

Can You Play It Singleplayer?

We don't fully know how it's implemented just yet but there does appear to be a singleplayer option in Deathloop. It may cut away a little bit of the difficulty but Deathloop seems so charming that it wouldn't really matter.

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