Clash's new Epic Challenge is hard, but not impossible

Town Hall 14 is finally here and there's a lot of new stuff in the latest Clash of Clans update, including the Epic Jungle Challenge.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about how you can do it.

Epic Jungle Challenge Guide

When you load up the Epic Jungle Challenge, you'll notice the Enemy Base is pretty spread out. This means that you'll need to make sure you're doing everything right to maximise your chances.

Clash of Clans COC Epic Jungle Challenge Base
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Below, we have a full step-by-step on how you can tackle this Epic Jungle Challenge in COC and what units you'll need for this strategy.

Units You Will Need

  • Three Minions x3
  • Cloning Spell x2
  • Baby Dragon x1
  • Giants x2
  • Queen x1
  • Healers x2
  • Ice Warden x1
  • King x1
  • Valkyries x1
  • Grand Warden x1

Step One: Creating Pathing

Firstly, you're going to want to use a Cloning Spell on the edge of the Enemy Base, by the Builder's Hut on the right side. Then, spawn Three Minions inside the Cloning Spell.

Clash of Clans Epic Jungle Challenge Step One
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This will destroy the first Builder's Hut and two Cannons right off the bat.

Step Two: Baby Dragon, Meet Bomb Tower

Next up, while this is going on, you'll need to spawn a Baby Dragon in the right-most corner of the Enemy Base.

Clash of Clans COC Epic Jungle Challenge Step Two
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This will trigger a mine, but your Baby Dragon should survive it and get to work on the two Cannons here and then the Bomb Tower.

Step Three: Giant Sacrifice

Next up, there's a suspiciously open channel into the base in the Middle-Right, between your two other unit placements.

Clash of Clans COC Epic Jungle Challenge Step 3
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You're going to need to throw two Giants in there to trigger the Giant Bomb. They will die, but they will not be forgotten.

Step Four: Queen's Gambit

Once the Giant Bomb is gone, you're going to need to drop your Queen, two Healers, and another Clone Spell to duplicate the healing output.

Once the Queen reaches the multi-targeting Inferno Tower in the centre, use your other two Three Minions outside of the two cannons on the left side/above this.

They will start to snipe them off while your Queen continues her work.

Step 5: Full Frontal Assault

Now that your Queen is safe on the Town Hall, you can start throwing everything else at the Enemy Base.

Clash of Clans COC Epic Jungle Challenge Step Five
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Judo Sloth recommends throwing an Ice Golem, King, Valkyries, and Grand Warden into the statue-laden opening at the bottom-right of the base.

From here on in, you can pretty much throw everything else you have at the Enemy Base. Time is of the essence, though, as your Queen might start to take flak during this period.

(Although, if she does die, it isn't the end of the world.)

All the information above was gleaned from the ever-helpful Judo Sloth, a Clash of Clans wizard on Youtube.

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