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New Horizon Forbidden West leaks hint at late 2021 release date

Despite a new State Of Play being announced, we know for sure that Horizon Forbidden West will not be part of it (sad face).

The good thing is that Sony have been upfront about this, so that there are no misconceptions or rumours that could ruin the show as a whole.

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LATEST - Horizon Forbidden West Will NOT Be Shown At Sony State Of Play

In an announcement that is either understandable or worrying, depending how you view it, Horizon Forbidden West will not appear during this week's State Of Play event.

We are still awaiting a fixed release date based on the last true update from the studio itself. This no-show could be an indication of the team hard a work not wanting to be distracted by preparing for such an event.

It could also be that the studio in unsure of a 2021 release and it's having to work to try and meet that goal. As we are now in July, any game without a release date that is supposedly releasing this year would have fans feeling anxious (you too, Halo Infinite).


Release Date Leaks?

Before we start, it's worth taking this information with a grain of salt. There's nothing too official corroborating this report just yet, but it does sound like a believable release date given everything else we know.

Horizon Forbidden West is due to be released on November 30th, 2021, according to this leak. The information will be released during a "PlayStation Experience" event that's due to be held on June 28th, 2021.

The leak itself was spotted in an email sent to a participating company and reportedly also reveals that a new Square Enix x Bluepoint Games Studios project is going to be announced alongside a showcase demonstrating the PSVR2 for the first time.

We don't know how legitimate this all is, but it sounds believable and we haven't really heard anything else that would suggest otherwise. A PlayStation Experience event would be a great way for Sony to combat the lack of PlayStation content at E3 2021.


Gameplay Footage Premieres at PS's State of Play

Another State of Play presentation is up, and with it, viewers got nearly 20 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. PlayStation focused the newest State of Play on Guerrilla's new title in a similar way to how the last one was focused on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

This will last around 20 minutes in total and showcase a solid 14 minutes of brand-new in-game action. Everything showed will be from a PS5 version of the title.

Watch the exciting new gameplay below:

You can also keep an eye on the PlayStation Twitter account and Guerrilla's social media channels for the latest regarding what's in store.


Story Details & Information

The ending scenes of Horizon Zero Dawn left us, as fans, with a lot more questions than answers. It sets the game up perfectly for a sequel and we know that Guerrilla is going to touch on some of these narratives in Horizon Forbidden West.

Aloy is going to once again be the protagonist and Forbidden West is going to expand on the world established in Zero Dawn with new enemies, new locations, and new dangers.

" Uncover the secret behind Earth's imminent collapse and unlock a hidden chapter in the ancient past... one that will change Aloy forever."
Horizon Forbidden West Aloy
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ALOY IS BACK - She's going to once-again be the protagonist in Guerrilla's new Horizon title

We also know that Horizon Forbidden West looks like it is going to be adding underwater exploration to the game; However, we don't know for certain what new gameplay changes are going to be included just yet. We can imagine the new State of Play is going to clear a lot of that up for us.


Haptic Feedback Features

Something that hasn't really been discussed in as much detail is how Horizon Forbidden West is going to utilise the PS5's unique DualSense features.

Guerrilla Studio Director Angie Smets recently took part in an interview for Wired and briefly discussed how Horizon Forbidden West was going to make the most of the DualSense features available.

"If you want to take a stealth approach to a combat situation and you dive into the long grass, you can feel those long grass leaves.”

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Riding
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FEEL THE GRASS - The DualSense is going to make Horizon so much better

It's a snippet of information that we know will be expanded on soon, but it's a welcome confirmation that Horizon is going to be at the forefront of utilising everything the PS5 has to offer when it releases.

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