5 Tips for Platinum Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy GamePlay

Hogwarts Legacy GamePlay

Hogwarts Legacy is well underway, and players are already reaching the endgame and unlocking the best beasts and much more. The huge open world has a ton to offer, and the spells you learn are just the beginning of your journey.

The platinum trophy is the ultimate symbol of mastery in any game and is more achievable than many in Hogwarts Legacy. Here are a few tips to make it much easier to grab, and reduce the grind as much as possible.

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Pick up collectables as you go

The longest grind in Hogwarts Legacy is the collectables, and to achieve the Platinum Trophy you'll need to catch 'em all. Many are available through quests, so make the most of any tips you get as to where they might be.

Side quests will take you all over the castle, which is a great opportunity to make a dent in the huge number of field guide pages and collection chests. The more you pick up now, the fewer you'll have to go back for. Revelio is your best friend.

Hogwarts Legacy Courtyard
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Other missions like The Man Behind the Moons will allow you to make a good start on Demiguise statues, which are harder to collect down the line.

Know where to look in the Highlands

Most collectables in the Highlands will be marked on your map, including the eluisive field guide pages. For the once which aren't though, they do all follow the same pattern.

Each Hamlet marked on the map will contain one Demiguise statue, which are only obtainable at night. You can track these by hovering over an area of Hamlet on the map.

Hogwarts Legacy Collectables
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Similarly, each bandit camp will contain exactly one collection chest. Camps where you have collected the chest will appear with a small tick beside them on the map.

Remember to use your Ancient Magic

One of the trickiest Achivements to grab in Hogwarts Legacy is 'Finishing Touches', requiring you to use ancient magic on every enemy in the game. This won't include Boss fights or Infamous foes, so you can do a lot to prepare.

Hogwarts Legacy Combat
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Simply use your Ancient Magic whenever you can as you progress through the game. While it can be tempting to save it for a tight spot, using it whever you can will likely earn you the trophy without even realising.

Pick up all the Floo Flames early on

Unlocking all fast-travel locations is already an achievement in Hogwarts Legacy, but it's arguably one of the best to do early on. Having them all unlocked will streamline your grind extensively in the late-game.

Broom flying will get you almost anywhere, but if you need one last Merlin Trial in Clagmar Coast, you'll certainly thank yourself for grabbing the right floo flame early on.

Use your Room of Requirement to its full potential

One source of several trophies in Hogwarts Legacy will be your Room of Requirement. While browing all potions can seem daunting, as well as growing all plants, they can both be used to make subsequent trophies much easier.

Get used to grabbing ingredients as you explore, and spend some early gold on blueprints at Tomes and Scrolls. Trust us, you'll thank yourself later.

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium
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Your Vivarium is also a great source of achievements, ;and can be a great method for passive farming. Breeding bests will unlock you a trophy, some more gold when you sell them in Hogsmeade. You'll also be able tyo upgrade gear with items you harvest.

With these tips, the grind should be a breeze, and you'll have the Platinum Trophy for Hogwarts Legacy in no time.

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