Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra - How to Unlock the Killing Curse

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra

Hogwarts Legacy is here, and it's safe to say that the game has certainly lived up to the hype and expectations of fans. The huge open world is just the beginning, as the story will take you all throughout Hogwarts and let you live your dream of being a student there.

Avada Kedavra is a spell many players are very keen to get their hands on, as even if you're not into the dark arts it can certainly get you out of a jam. Here's everything you need to know about how to get your hands on it.

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How to get Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy

Avada Kedavra is the last unforgivable curse that you’ll learn in the game, which makes sense being the most powerful. Sebastian Sallow will of course be your instructor, and the quest will be part of his relationship quest line.

To get “In the Shadow of the Relic,” you must have already completed:

  • The relationship quest “In the Shadow of Hope
  • The main story quest “Lodgok’s Loyalty

Hogwarts Legacy suggests that you’re level 28 before you start it, as you'll encounter some tricky foes on the way.

Towards the end of the mission you’ll interact with Sebastian outside of the dungeon, and you’ll be given a prompt during your conversation where you can choose:

  • No one should know that curse.
  • Everyone should know that curse.

Choose the second option, “Everyone should know that curse.”

Then, Sebastian will offer to teach you Avada Kedavra, and you’ll be presented with another choice:

  • Now is not the time.
  • Yes, please.

Choose the option, “Yes please,” to learn the Killing Curse.

Can you learn Avada Kedvra later on?

If you've missed the chance to learn Avada Kedavra, or don't want to learn it during the quest, you will have another opportunity. You will have to stick by Sebastian though, as he's still the one who will teach you.

Hogwarts Legacy Undercroft
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During Sebastian’s next relationship quest “In the Shadow of Fate,” you’ll be given a choice when talking to Ominis Gaunt:

  • We should turn Sebastian in.
  • We must not turn Sebastian in.

In order to keep your hopes of learning Avada Kedavra later alive, you need to choose the second option, “We must not turn Sebastian in.

This will complete Sebastian's quest line entirely, and you'll be able to meet him in the Undercroft at any time to learn any unforgivable curses you've missed.

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