Hogwarts Legacy Game Length - How long will it take to complete?

Hogwarts Legacy Game Length

Hogwarts Legacy Game Length

Hogwarts Legacy is now almost here, and fans are hyped for the new Open World adventure in the Wizarding World. With a star-studded cast, and a previously unexplored time period, there's a ton to look forward to with the launch of the new game.

With many single-player games now clocking with huge play times, fans have been wondering how much content we'll be receiving with the new game. Here's everything you need to know about how long the new adventure will take to complete.

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Hogwarts Legacy Game Length

With the release of the art book for the upcoming RPG title, we now have a sneak preview of a fair few aspects of the game. These include in-game menus, seasonal events, new rooms, a world map, customisation options, new characters, and even the game’s length.

Hogwarts Legacy Setting
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According to these leaks, Hogwarts Legacy will clock in at around 35 hours of gameplay for the main storyline. As with many games of its kind, this will increase to around 70 hours for those looking to complete all the side quests and missions.

This will of course increase even further with the ability to fully explore the open World environment. One thing is for sure: you won't be short of something to do.

Map Size

From gameplay reveals and leaks, we already know that much of the story of Hogwarts Legacy takes place beyond the walls of the castle. The Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade are just some of the locations that have been revealed.

Hogwarts Legacy Hippogrif
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We don't know just yet how big the map will be once the game releases, but it certainly looks like you'll have to do a lot of travelling to see it all. Whether you choose to explore on foot, by Hippogrif, or on your broom will be entirely up to you in Hogwarts Legacy.

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