GTA Online Open Wheel Racing Series: How to find it, gameplay, car price & more

Rockstar has confirmed that their take on Formula One, Open Wheel Racing is now available on GTA Online!

The company confirmed in a tweet:

“The future of competitive motorsport has arrived, and it’s in a hurry.

Two brand new open-wheel ultra-performance vehicles. Seven high-speed tracks. Dozens of split-second decisions.”

But how do you get to it?

Finding Open Wheel racing

When you load into GTA Online you can appear pretty much anywhere. That's great for exploring and having some fun, but not if you want do one game mode specifically.

Pull up your map and look for the little F1 car logo. You'll find it near the airport in the bottom left of Los Santos.

Head over there and pull into the pink circle to go racing!


There isn't too much difference in the menus and options when you enter an Open Wheel race, but you do have to select your tyre compound. For those unfamiliar with F1 and open-wheel racing, the harder the compound the more durable the rubber but the lower the grip.

As you race the grip decreases, so you'll need to jump into the pits to refresh your rubber on longer races or if you spin too often.

The cars don't feel too dissimilar to a top-end GTA supercar, but the brakes are ultra-powerful and you can easily lose the rear when coming out of a slow corner so be careful with the throttle!

How much are the F1 cars in GTA Online?

The two available cars are the Progen PR4 and the Ocelot R88. – but we can expect more to arrive in the near future.

Both are pretty pricey. The PR4 costs $3,515,000, while the R88 will set you back $3,115,000.

Better get saving.

Of course, you can race without buying one, but who wants to loan an F1 car when you can park one in your garage?

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