Gotham Knights: How to Switch Character

gotham knights character artwork

gotham knights character artwork

Gotham Knights is a continuation of the Arkham series of games that sees what the city of Gotham becomes when Batman has died. It falls to Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin to take up the responsibility of keeping Gotham safe and each character has their very unique playstyle.

While you'll commit to one of the four heroes early on, you can switch between each character freely to explore their different unique backstory missions and keep gameplay varied. Here's how you do it!

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How to Switch Characters in Gotham Knights

If you're getting a little bored with your current hero or want to change things up for a certain mission type, you can do this at The Belfry.

the character switch screen in gotham knights
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You can fast-travel to The Belfry and end a night of patrolling, once you're in the safe house, you can walk over to where there four suits of the Gotham Knights are displayed.

Simply walk up to the character you wish to change to and interact with their suit to switch. You cannot switch mid-mission, only between patrols whilst in The Belfry.

Do Characters Progress Together?

Yes! If you choose to play through large parts of the game as just one of the Gotham Knights, no matter how many levels you advance, when you switch characters, the hero you switch to will have ability points waiting to be spent.

batgirl from gotham knights during the opening scenes of the game
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This means that there's no need to keep switching characters because some will fall behind if you don't. For my playthrough, I used Batgirl for the first 2-3 hours of gameplay and she was level 4 by the time I first switched.

When I finally did, all the other characters had ability points waiting to be spent and had their combat abilities unlocked too. This is the best way to encourage the use of multiple characters as you don't need to grind through levels if there is a particular Gotham Knight that you don't play as too often.

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