Ghostwire: Tokyo Release time, date and preload time

Ghostwire: Tokyo has been in the works for some time and it's finally almost here. Bringing the spooky atmosphere of a haunted Tokyo, it may be worth checking out for the aesthetic and atmosphere alone. If you're looking to play it for yourself, here's the release time and when you can preload the game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Time and Date

Ghostwire: Tokyo finally launches this Friday, March 25th. This comes after years of teases and the loss of main creative director Ikumi Nakamura. In our review for the game, we praised the game's atmosphere and tone whilst lamenting some of the copy-paste open-world design. You can read it right here.

If you're looking to play it the second it goes live, Ghostwire: Tokyo's Twitter page put out a Tweet of all the times around the world you can play it on PC. You can see it right here.

The following is some important launch times included:

  • PT 9 pm Steam Launch, 9 pm Epic Launch
  • CDT 11 pm Steam Launch, 11 pm Epic Launch
  • GMT Midnight Steam Launch, Midnight Epic Launch
  • AST 3 am Steam Launch, 3 am Epic Launch
  • JST Midnight Steam Launch, Midnight Epic Launch

Over on PlayStation, the game is scheduled to be available at midnight your time. This being said, that occasionally falls behind a little so, if it doesn't go live at midnight, leave it a few.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Preload Time

In the Tweet above, they also included preload information for Steam. Unfortunately, those playing on PlayStation or Epic may have to wait a little while longer. The preload times are the following times on March 22nd:

  • PT 10 am
  • CT 12 PM
  • GMT 5 pm
  • AST 8 pm
  • JST 2 am

Get in there and get it all ready for the big day.

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