Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date may have just leaked

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Originally announced way back in 2019, Ghostwire: Tokyo has been in the spotlight for some time. Although it has been delayed once already, it seems like it could be closer to release than expected. Here's the latest news and when we could eventually see the Ghostwire: Tokyo release date.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date

We don't have an official release date just yet but some interesting news has popped up, courtesy of MP1ST, which was then subsequently reported by VGC.

In this, a release date was spotted on the PlayStation store listing of the game. In that, it said it would release on March 24th, 2022. Though we cannot personalliy verify this information, the screenshot itself looks legitimate.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date
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Despite this, there were worries the game would be delayed again. Last year, it was pushed back to "early 2022" but the game has gone through some troubles over the last year.

Development Troubles

During its development, it was revealed that Ghostwire: Tokyo's creative director, Ikumi Nakamura, was leaving the project. Citing the impact on her health, it seems the stress of development and the public eye pushed her into needing space from the project and work, in general, for a while.

Ikumi Nakamura did clarify this is not an indictment of the culture at Tango Gameworks and a personal decision, coming after years of burnout and sickness. She took the time out she needed and is now working on something new at an unnannounced studio. The game is currently being directed by Kenji Kimura, who previously worked on Soul Calibur IV, Tekkn 5 and much more.

Although the game has seen some departures and delays, it doesn't seem like it's in bad shape right now and the new release date could be a confirmation of that.

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