Fall Guys Season 2: Tips and Tricks - Wall Guys, Knight Fever, Hoopsie Legends & more

Fall Guys Season 2 has finally arrived, so you best learn these simple tips to qualify through every new level!

Knight Fever

knight fever
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KNIGHTMARE! This new Fall Guys level looks a tricky one

This level has an abundance of obstacles and objects you must avoid to get to the finish line, including rotating spile logs, huge log swings and swinging scythes.

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Take your time and try to predict the timing of the swinging axes, once you get past the axes, the rest of the map should be a breeze!

Wall Guys

wall guys
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BEAT THE WALLS: Clear all the walls and cross the finish line before the opposition to qualify

When jumping from the blocks onto the walls, press and hold R2 (PS4) for your Fall Guy to grab hold of the wall and climb up it.

Jump and dive in order to gain more distance and clear walls with ease!

Egg Scramble

egg scramble
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TEAMWORK: Work with your team to collect as many eggs as possible!

Getting out of an enemy nest with an egg is a little tricky, but you can jump further from the ledges than you think. If you approach the steps too close, you'll bounce back down because of the egg you're carrying.

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Don't focus solely on golden eggs. Get in, pick up the first egg you see, and get out.

Hoopsie Legends

hoopsie legends
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BECOME A LEGEND: Jump through six hoops in order to qualify

In this level, you must collect six hoops to qualify. Watch out for gold hoops, as they are worth five, almost fully completing your qualification!

Push boxes in front of hoops, allowing you to gain a position from which you can jump through, or sabotage the opposition by dragging boxes away from the hoop that is being targeted!

Egg Siege

egg seige
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SABOTAGE: Steal eggs from enemy nests and bring them back for your team!

In this level, you must collect eggs from the centre of the map and gather them in your teams nest. The team with the fewest eggs in their nest at the end of the round loses.

Try to time your runs for when the drawbridge is down, for a more efficient route to and from the centre of the map. Remember, golden eggs are worth five!

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