Fall Guys Free-to-Play Reaches 20 Million Players in the First Two Days

The 20 million player milestone is a big achievement for many companies. Mediatonic is the latest company to hit that with Fall Guys! They gained 20 million players within two days of their game becoming free-to-play.

Fall Guys recently became free-to-play on all platforms. PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch were all gifted with the game for free. This has obviously worked out in the company's favour as their fanbase grew to large numbers and fast.

Returning to what feels like its heyday, will the game become as popular as it was on the first release again?

Fall Guys take 2

Once extremely popular with YouTubers and streaming stars, Fall Guys had it all. Since then, YouTubers have moved on to the next trending game and left it behind.

By making the game free-to-play, there has been a vicious uproar once again and the game is sparking the same popularity. Perhaps it won't be hitting content creators quite as hard, but the newly added content will be gaining some interest from the community.

Release issues

As is notorious for big tech releases, there were a few teething issues. The popularity on the free-to-play release day had been bigged up online, so when players wanted to ragdoll around, the dolls were too much and the server collapsed.

The official Fall Guys Twitter made a statement explaining the issue. The use of a meme also helped to solidify the fanbase and I'm sure it contributed to the masses of players joining.

It also has a Halo crossover event coming from June 30 to July 4 which is also free-to-play. It includes Halo-inspired costumes, including a Grunt, a Brute Chieftan, and Master Chief.

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