When is Fall Guys Free to Play?

The developers of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, are making the game free to play on all its platforms.

This will happen in late June and will affect the game on Playstation and PC. And it will even be released as a free title on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch.

When will it become free to play?

The new versions on the Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch will be available on June 21. This was announced on May 16 by the developers.

The free version will be moved to the Epic Games Store. So new players will only be able to play through that, although existing Steam players will still be able to play through Steam.

Mediatonic also decided that Fall Guys seasons will reset with this huge free to play overhaul. This means season one will start on June 21 with a brand new currency called show bucks. These will be added to the game in order to purchase costumes but don't worry, kudos are still in the game.

Are there extra rewards?

Those who have the full game already purchased will be rewarded with a Legacy Pack in-game. All the items included are:

  • Regal costume
  • Veggie Dog costume
  • Feisty Dwarf costume
  • Season 1 Pass
  • Nickname
  • Nameplate

Players can also pre-register for the free to play launch and be rewarded. The system works by the number of people that register so the more that register, the more rewards each registered person gets. At 500k registered players, a nameplate is rewarded. At 2.5m people registered, a melonhead costume is rewarded.

Fall Guys
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Cross play

The new consoles that the game is being brought onto mean more chances for cross-play. Players on Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation can all join the fun together. This means more chances for friends, squads, enemies, and wins.

A new season pass is also coming out soon.

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