eSports Boxing Club releases ESBC Dev Roundtable highlighting gameplay

We've got some great news for those of you interested in eSports Boxing Club, a new ESBC Dev Roundtable was revealed today.

The video contained tons of information which we're going to try and break down into bite-sized pieces.

Here's what we learned about eSports Boxing Club.

ESBC Dev Roundtable (7/27)

Huge news from eSports Boxing Club as they completed an ESBC Dev Roundtable where several members of the development team talked about the game.

The video features Creative Director Ash Habib, ESBC Commentator Todd Grisham, Director of Global Communications Will Kinsler, and Content Creator @Boxing Fanatico.

The video kicks off with talks surrounding Early Access in eSports Boxing Club. We'll go into a bit of that below, however, one of the more impressive bits is the notes on gameplay.

Let's get started with what the group said regarding Early Access and then we'll go over gameplay.

Layers of gameplay adjustments

Two of the members in the video @Boxing Fanatico and Will Kinsler, have spent a considerable amount of time actually playing eSports Boxing Club.

One thing that really popped out to us during the conversation was how each of them spoke on how they had to adjust to different fighting styles.

eSports Boxing Club
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Not just the fighting styles of their opponent but the fighting styles of each individual fighter as well. This is huge considering it seems that each boxer will bring their unique style to the game.

Early Access might be on the menu for eSports Boxing Club, let's go over what they said.

Early Access for eSports Boxing Club

Early Access is something that everyone can look forward to. The group made the announcement that they have a few more milestones to hit before that time, however.

The development team also stated that they plan to do more ESBC Dev Roundtables in the future. This way we'll all stay up to date on the game.

eSports Boxing Club
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The team didn't set a timetable but we can confirm that multiplayer will be an option in the game as the team announced the multiplayer milestone.

With multiplayer coming to eSports Boxing Club, we imagine that we could hear about some create a boxer and Story Mode news soon.

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