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eSports Boxing Club brings Ryan Garcia to the squared circle

We're excited that more eSports Boxing Club roster reveals are incoming especially with the latest video.

Not only do we have the Ryan Garcia renders but also the video that announced his arrival as well.

Let's get you up to speed on the latest boxer to take the ring.

Ryan Garcia in eSports Boxing Club

Great news for players that were hoping for some new eSports Boxing Club news as Ryan Garcia has been signed to the roster.

We had a full reveal courtesy of Todd Grisham. This is the first fighter reveal video we've received in quite a long time. Check it out below.

What we're really hoping for is that we'll receive an official release date for the game. However, there have been talks that the game will release in December, this is still unconfirmed though.

Now, let's get our first look at Ryan Garcia in eSports Boxing Club.

First Look at Ryan Garcia

eSports Boxing Club is taking extra steps to make sure the fighters in this game look absolutely incredible, Ryan Garcia is no different.

The latest scan of Garcia made his in-game character look exactly like him. Frankly, we can't wait to see him walk into the ring.

eSports Boxing Club
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PLAYER SCAN: Ryan Garcia will soon make his debut in eSports Boxing Club

With the eSports Boxing Club roster continuously growing, there's a good chance we'll continue to get reveals this week.

Speaking of reveals, we received our first gameplay video in quite some time when Terence "Bud" Crawford was announced.

Gameplay Video featuring Bud Crawford

The latest in-ring action video we received from eSports Boxing Club featured Terence Crawford taking on opponents in the ring.

The game engine is looking pretty crisp and it's only alpha footage at the moment. This means only more improvements are on the horizon.

Gameplay footage going forward will likely be how new features are shared. Along with that, walkout animations could be the next reveal.

What we're really hoping for is information surrounding a potential create-a-boxer and Story Mode in eSports Boxing Club.

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