Elden Ring: How to stealth kill

After much anticipation, Elden Ring has finally hit the shelves, offering a massive new world filled with challenges and the freedom to take them on however you want. For those that are looking to take out foes silently, Elden Ring has some options for you.

With that, here's how players can stealth kill in Elden Ring.

How to stealth kill in Elden Ring

Akin to many other RPGs, apart from taking on enemies in a normal mano y mano way, Elden Ring also offers players a more silent route, one that requires maximum patience and timing, the stealth kill.

As any fans of the FromSoftware games knows, performing stealth activities in any of the developers' games can be fairly difficult, mainly due to the fact that the Dark Souls series and the Bloodborne game don't really support it. But now, thanks to Elden Ring, that has changed and it's similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to boot.

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Prior to being able to stealth kill, players first must know how to crouch. Crouching in Elden Ring is fairly simple, all players have to do is press down the left analog stick. Being able to crouch comes with its advantages, such as being able to sneak past enemies as it'll make players less noticeable from them either in front or behind.

Elden Ring Stealth Kill
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SNEAKY: A perfectly placed stealth kill might do the trick.

After the players have the ability to crouch down pat, they can move on to the stealth kill. To stealth kill enemies, first, players need to make sure they haven't been spotted by an enemy - that's where crouching comes into play. Second, they have to camouflage themselves, this is achieved by hiding amidst tall grass and the like to make sure enemies don't detect them.

Once all of the above is checked, players can go ahead with the stealth kill. To first perform the stealth kill, players have to approach their enemy from behind. After the player is nicely up and close, they'll get a prompt that triggers a "Backstab" animation, after that pops up all they have to do is press R1 or the right bumper.

It's worth noting two things: first, depending on the player's level, a backstab may not kill them outright, and second, any noise will alert the enemy and they don't shy away from swiftly turning around and attacking. This makes it so a stealth kill isn't possible, so if a player is looking to go for a stealth kill, they sure better make it count.

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