Dying Light 2: What Items Should You Sell?

As you'd expect from a big open world game, Dying Light 2 is full of things to find, and not all of them have a use to you. While crafting materials are cool, you need money more than anything sometimes. If you're wondering what you should sell in Dying Light 2, we have all the details you need.

What Items Should You Sell in Dying Light 2?

At a basic level, you can sell whatever you don't need in Dying Light 2. However, there are some things that there's no need to keep at all, their only reason for existing in the game being to make you money.

If you head to a vendor at any safe house in Villedor and tab across to the Sell section, you'll notice a 'miscellaneous' section in the goods area.

You can sell absolutely anything in that category, there is no need whatsoever to keep them. Just sell them all then and there to make some money. Don't dip into the resources section, though.

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However, you can sell some of the other stuff you find or grow out of. After a while, weapons and gear you've found will no longer be useful to you or up to the level you're looking for.

Weapons that are well below the rating you're currently using or gear that's below the armor level you're looking for can be sold. If you're not using something, and probably won't ever use it, there's no need to keep it.

New weapons can be pretty expensive in Dying Light 2, so don't be afraid to sell the things you aren't using, whether they officially have a use or not. It's better to upgrade what you're using than to hoard things you aren't.

No matter what, be sure to sell any of the miscellanous items whenever you visit a settlement of somekind.

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