Dying Light 2 Release Time: Release Date, When can you play, Time Zones & More

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Dying Light 2 reviews are out so if you're thinking about picking the game up, check out what we had to say.

Now that huge games like Rainbow Six: Extraction and Pokemon Legends: Arceus are here, it's also time to prep for the release of Dying Light 2. After multiple delays, it's finally time to get stuck in.

LATEST - Preload live now

You can finally preload the game right now if you have preordered it. This will give you access the second it goes live this Friday.

You can read about it in the Tweet above.

Dying Light 2 Release Time

Dying Light 2 is set to release on Friday, 4 February worldwide. This comes after multiple delays that took it out of 2021 entirely. Fortunately, developers Techland have implemented a worldwide midnight release meaning it's much easier to track when the game is coming out in your time zone.

As the above photo informs us, while preload times are a little varied, the release time will be midnight in your local time zone.

Sometimes, a developer will choose to release their game at midnight in their local time zone but apply that time worldwide. In the case of US-based developers, this leaves European players having to wait much longer to play a game if they purchased it digitally.

Is Dying Light 2 coming to Game Pass?

At the moment, there's no reason to believe that Dying Light 2 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch - or at all - but we're inclined to say that there's always a chance once the game has been out for a while.

We know Rainbow Six Extraction is out before and was only announced just before launch, so there's technically still time, but we don't think Techland are making any sorts of deals with Microsoft at the moment and Dying Light 2 should have enough pulling power on its own to make it without Game Pass' support.

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