02 Jul 2021 9:04 AM +00:00

Will Dying Light 2 Come To Xbox Game Pass?

Dying Light 2 is set to release in just a few short months and that should come with tonnes of new mechanics and factions to learn about. The original managed to enthrall players with a great open world and years of updates. Hopefully, Dying Light 2 can capture the same spark.

For this reason, you may want to know if you can play it on day one for cheap on Xbox Game Pass. Here's everything you should know about it.

Is Dying Light 2 Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

As of right now, it is still unsure whether or not the game is coming to Game Pass. Pre-orders are open right now if you want to get the game on day one but we don't know about GamePass just yet.


Dying Light 2 could come to the service if we look at TechLand's recent relationship with Xbox. They have put both current Dead Island games on the service before but the first Dying Light game never came. For this reason, it could go either way. It seems it will likely depend on if Xbox are willing to spend all that cash to make it come to the service. Only time will tell, at this point.

Release Date

Although we don't quite know if it will come to Game Pass, we do know when it will release worldwide. Unless no more delays happen, we should expect to play the game on December 7th, this year.

This means the game is now less than half a year away, not a bad wait considering how long the game has been in development. For the latest updates on the game and everything else, check out RealSport later in the year.