Crysis Remastered: Official Teaser released, trailer breakdown and more

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With the recent announcement that Crysis Remastered will be coming in the future, it's would be understandable that fans of the series were very excited indeed.

Recently, however, the Official Teaser has been released for Crysis Remastered which gives people a closer look at the iconic nanosuit.

Let's take a look at some other points of interest too.


The teaser for Crysis Remastered come after the Crysis Official Twitter account 'came back to life' after a few years. They posted two tweets, which appeared to have people speculating as to what would be released.

Fast forward, and we now have an official trailer and while short (it is a teaser after all) it could be something that fans may get excited about.

Comments, comments, comments

The trailer opens with a series of positive comments about releasing a Crysis 'remake'.

The comments appear to fill up the screen completely, which could be a suggestion of the amount of demand for the game.

We ARE receiving you

As we come closer to the nanosuit we hear the words 'We've got your signal strong and clear' being said. This is followed with 'Looks like you're back online.'

This could be a reference to the original tweets, which read 'Receiving data' and 'Hey Nomad, you're still with us?'

The latest tweet

crysis trailer
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ACTIVATED: Fans of the series are sure to be very interested to know more

Most recently, the official Crysis Twitter channel tweeted the teaser for Crysis Remastered, along with another reference to the game.

'CLOAK DISENGAGED', for those who may not have got round to playing the game just yet, is the voice over of the suit when you deactivate your cloaking ability.


Crysis graphics
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JUNGLE BOOGIE: The detail and lighting look quite superb in the teaser trailer

Crysis has become well known for its impressive graphics, and this teaser gives a small, but exciting glimpse of what could be the case for Crysis Remastered.

The official teaser shows PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, however it is unconfirmed as of yet if the game will be released on next gen consoles.

Our interest has sure been activated.

For everything you need to know on Crysis Remastered, keep checking back in for more.

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