Next major Chivalry 2 update, Patch 1, still "on track" for July release date

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Chivalry 2 has been out a little while now and despite receiving wonderful fanfare from us in our review, there are still a few issues. Servers are inconsistent at the best of times, there were also issues with players getting access to their preorder bonuses which is less than ideal. It's been over a month now and we're still waiting on Patch 1 to drop for Chivalry 2. Of course, Torn Banner Studios has started fixing things already... But this update could make a huge impact. Here's what we know.

LATEST - Torn Banner Studios Update Us On Patch 1

Earlier, Torn Banner Studios took to Twitter to assure fans that Patch 1, which would introduce version 2.0.1, was still on course for its aforementioned release date. We know "July" is vague, but the fact that they "remain on track for [their] July ETA" is promising.

You can check out the full thread below, but here is what was said:

" We continue to make steady progress on Patch 1 (2.0.1). At present, we remain on track for our July ETA. We also want to acknowledge the feedback that we have received about bots. In the upcoming Content Update 1 we will be making changes to improve how they backfill servers."
" This will correct some of the current issues with bots being too prevalent in matches as they are not removed to allow new players to backfill into a match. Currently, bots cannot be removed per game mode in Matchmaking mode, but we will be making changes very soon to allow this."
" Beginning immediately we will be removing bots from Free-For-All games in the server browser on PC (will take effect on server restart). With Content Update 1, we will also be removing bots from some additional modes."

Here's the start of the thread:

From this update, it sounds like matchmaking is at the forefront of Torn Banner Studios' update and we can't help but hope that the changes being talked about come to fruition and improve Chivalry 2's multiplayer.

Chivalry 2 Update Patch 2.0.1 Release Date

We don't fully know when this will release as it was originally scheduled for release last week. We can hope to see it over the following weeks.

We will update here as soon as we know when it's coming.

Why Was It Delayed?

On the site, it claims that "During a final round of QA verification, issues with matchmaking were discovered that required more robust testing for us to feel comfortable with the release of this update"

They clearly seem to feel that another update may make matchmaking worse so they've decided to postpone it, an understandable decision.

What Is In This Update?

This update is focused exclusively on fixing issues in the game. It's all about fixing bugs and improving general performance. Outside of patches, which will be talked about below, the Xbox Series S will not play at 60fps.

2.0.1 Patch Notes

There are far too many planned changes to list down below but here are a few worth mentioning. Expect some changes to the current meta and classes.

Here are a few changes worth mentioning


  • Fixed an Xbox crash that occurred when resuming from a suspended state (while on the Store menu), and when attempting to use save data from an Xbox One X console on an Xbox Series S console
  • Fixed a PS4/PS5 crash that occurred when loading into the tutorial
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dismounting a ladder
  • Fixed a crash during post-game screen transition
  • Fixed issue where Crossbowman could get disconnected from server during regular gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where parties dropped out after a match ended and were unintentionally sent back to the main menu
  • Added a visual indicator that someone in a party cannot be invited to another party
  • PC – If you are in a match and accept a party invite on PC, you will now be sent to the main menu to join the party


  • Reduced players’ ability to significantly backwards drag before a swing
  • Fixed an issue where players visually sprinted sideways too much in third-person.
  • Active riposte and counter durations now continue for remaining duration if attack is feinted/transitions to heavy attack
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