Everything You Need to Know About Chivalry 2's Classes

Chivalry 2 is the latest multiplayer action game to hit the shelves and it has arrived in time for E3. Torn Banner Studios has been hard at work since the explosion of the first game and it comes with plenty of changes.

There are a variety of classes to choose from, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses, and catering to a different playstyle.

Latest - Chivalry 2 is Live

Chivalry 2 servers went live on June 8th, having tonnes of players join in instantly. If the servers are down for you, they are likely temporarily down and should be up soon.

Get in there and get swinging.

All Chivalry 2 Classes

There are four main classes in Chivalry 2, each offering three subclasses to further differentiate their role on the battlefield.

Which class is best for you? Let's take a closer look at the styles of play offered in the game, and find out.

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DOMINATE THE BATTLEFIELD - Class choice is an essential aspect of succes in Chivalry 2


The knight is the quintessential Western European heavy soldier, and with their iconic plate mail armour, instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the era.

In Chivalry 2, knight's boast the largest amount of health, and, thanks to the momentum afforded by their heavy armour, are able to tackle enemies when moving at a full sprint.

This comes at the cost of an increased cooldown to their dodge, due to its weight. Still, this is an incredibly versatile class and is perfect for beginners.


The Officer subclass is geared towards offence and support. Their two-handed weapons can inflict a lot of damage if wielded effectively.

In addition, Officers can use a trumpet to heal nearby allies, allowing them to lead from the front, where the fighting is thickest.


The Guardian is the classic tank archetype, geared towards defence. Equipped with massive shields, they can weather the storm of swords and arrows and emerge unscathed.

To aid their allies, Guardians are able to plant a standard in the ground, healing teammates close by. This makes them perfect for locking down chokepoints.


All murder, all the time, the Crusader is pure offense. Combining two-handed weaponry with heavy armour, they thrive in the thick of the melee.

They also have the ability to hurl fire pots, spreading flames and disrupting enemy formations. Crusaders are the armoured tip of the spear of any assault.


The archer is Chivalry 2's ranged class and excels at harassing distant foes and picking off injured opponents with precise shots.

This comes with the tradeoff of having the lowest total health of all classes. As such, melee combat should be avoided at all costs.

This means that playing as an archer requires a fair degree of skill and situational awareness, and is not recommended for newcomers.


The Longbowman has the greatest effective range of all Archer subclasses and is capable of laying down murderous suppressing fire.

They can set up a brazier, on which they can set their arrows ablaze, which inflicts added fire damage.


The Crossbowman, which adds a little more utility to the class. Their bolts are better at penetrating heavy armour, at the cost of increased reload time.

They are able to set down a portable shield, behind which they can reload. In addition, they are also able to plant a banner that will heal nearby allies.


The Skirmisher has the shortest range of all the Archer subclasses, throwing deadly javelins at their foes.

To complement this playstyle, Skirmishers have a small shield as additional protection and are able to resupply themselves and other Archers.


The Footman class is similar to the Knight, but with less armour and more speed.

They have more utility and are able to aid their teammates in a variety of ways, in addition to getting stuck in to combat where required.


Spear and pike wielders, the Poleman is a long-range melee class, able to thrust at opponents from behind the first rank.

They have a charging thrust attack, can heal allies with bandages, and can set up spiked obstacle to stimy the movements of enemies.


A defensive soldier like the Guardian, the Man-at-Arms also bears a shield and is functionally similar but capable of moving more quickly.

This allows them to rapidly redeploy to the hottest areas of the battlefield. They receive reduced cooldowns for their dodge ability, making them hard to lock down.

Field Engineer

The Field Engineer is Chivalry 2's builder class, and their primary function is the construction of defensive structures, and the destruction of enemy structures.

They wield two-handed weapons to aid them in this, but lack the longevity and staying power to really shine in close combat.


The Vanguard class is focused on both offence and speed, and are the hammer to the Knight's anvil.

Perfect for flanking attacks and swiftly dispatching engaged opponents, they have lower health and less armour as a tradeoff.


Devastators are destruction incarnate. They wield two-handed weapons to make mincemeat of opponents and carrying throwing hammers to engage enemies at short range.

They also have access to fire pots and can disrupt whole groups of enemies. Devastators are an interesting mix of Skirmisher and Crusader, although lacking the pure focus of either.


The Raider is a two-handed weapon specialist able to bring two such massive weapons to the battlefield! This means they can adapt to the enemy right in front of them.

In addition, they also have access to a horn that, when blown, heals nearby allies.


The Ambusher is Chivalry 2's take on the rogue class, lightly armoured but incredibly deadly, a true glass cannon.

They attack quickly and receive a damage bonus when attacking an enemy from behind. They also carry throwing knives, and like the Skirmisher, are able to replenish their stock of missiles after they have been depleted.

There is a lot of choice on offer in Chivalry 2's class system, with plenty of room to develop synergy with teammates and create incredible fighting forces. Which class in Chivalry 2 best suits your playstyle?

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