Everything we know about the ACNH International Museum Day

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a charming game about living a quiet life alongside animal villagers. It's also so much more than this might suggest. From what to to do when you land, to the arrival of the 2.0 update, the game has been constantly evolving over the last year.

International Museum Day is another big update that allows you to search around your museum for stamps. Here's what you need to know

Latest - It's Live

After a few weeks of build-up, International Museum Day is finally live. Get in there, chat to Blathers and get everything you need.

International Museum Day Release Date

Unlike what it may suggest, International Museum Day in ACNH isn't a day, it's more like a two-week-long festival. First starting on May 18, you have until May 31 to fully take advantage of everything available to you.

You might want to plan a little time in advance to get the game update and ready to go, as well as cleaning up your town a little and giving yourself some time to do everything you need to before it ends.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon International Museum Day NEWS
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The place where it all starts

What to Expect

While the event is exciting, the activities you have to do this time around are actually fairly limited.

On the 18th, go up to Blathers in the museum and talk to him. He will give you four sets of stamps representing fossils, fish, insects, and art.

Naturally enough, you cant take part if you haven't unlocked the museum yet, so make sure to do so in time. If done right, you can unlock it in just a few days.

After this is all done, you have to walk around the museum to find three stamps from each card, totaling 12 stamps.

You can only do one at a time but can do them all in one day if you're feeling up to the task. By doing so, you will unlock some special items from Blathers.

This is all we know right now but if anything more is added, we'll have all the information on it right here.

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