Among Us: New Map Revealed - The Game Awards Announcement to Come

A new Among Us map is coming!

Among Us New Map Revealed
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BRAND NEW: Among Us is receiving a new map!

This map will join the ranks of Mira, Polus, and Skeld.

From the preview, the map looks to be a more wide open ship, with wood panel flooring.

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Tasks line the outer rim of the large room revealed on the new Among Us map. This includes a download task, wires, navigation, and potentially more. A central vent will introduce some very unique plays for impostors and crew members alike.

This new Among Us map is a fantastic announcement for fans, as it seems this will land in Among Us rather than the upcoming Among Us 2.

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From the reveals, the map looks to have plenty of promise, which is welcome for the competitive scene in Among Us. This scene runs many different tournaments with prize pools ranging up to $40,000 and more.

We expect to see this new Among Us map added to the game in the next few weeks. It's hard to tell, however, as this is the first new map in Among Us history.

Among Us Announcement The Game Awards
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WHAT'S NEXT?: Fans are already speculating about what's next for Among Us

The one date we do have is a big announcement coming for The Game Awards. The event will stream live on 10 December.

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