Among Us Error: How to fix "The game options received were from an old version of Among Us"

Many players have recently dealt with a new Among Us error, which brings up a message that says "The game options received were from an old version of Among Us".

What does this error mean, and how can you solve it?

Among Us Error

Despite only being developed by two people with a massive audience, there have been very few Among Us errors over its lifetime.

Among Us Impostor Kill
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KILL: The new Among Us error is killing player's chances of playing games

Most players only ran into problems before servers were expanded to cover the massive playerbase.

But after the most recent Among Us update, a new error has cropped up.

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This error prevents lobbies from starting in Among Us, which can certainly ruin a session. Worse, it effects players on PC, Android, and iOS.

Let's go over what the error means, and how to solve it.

Old Version of Among Us

This new Among Us error brings up the message - "The game options received were from an old version of Among Us".

Among Us Error Old Version Update Game Message
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THE PROBLEM: This error is hitting tons of Among Us players on all platforms

So what does this error mean for your Among Us game?

This error has only shown up after the most recent Among Us update improved the game's antihack software.

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Because of this, many players speculate this error could come up in lobbies where players are being flagged by the antihack software.

If this isn't the case, it's simply a new bug after the update, and hopefully one that gets fixed soon.

Among Us Beta

Another theory is that this bug is in part because of the Among Us beta.

Among Us error old version update game
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TESTING...IS THIS THING ON?: Beta testers may be the cause of the new Among Us error

The Among Us beta has become quite popular for testing new changes coming to the game. It was also used extensively for recent Among Us tournaments.

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With the increased popularity of the Among Us beta, this could be part of the problem for the new Among Us error. Especially with players switching between the two, and even playing games with players using and not using the beta.


There's no permanent solution for the old version Among Us error, but we know it can be brute forced.

among us error old version update
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REPETITION: Just like card swipe, the solution for this error seems to be to keep trying

Simply closing and reopening your game several times seems to eventually work, even if the error has come up multiple times in a row for you.

This also checks for updates in-between which will help if one is available.

For now, this is all players can do until Innersloth addresses the new issue, and doesn't stop the error from happening again in the future.

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