Most Feared Monster Maker locking users out of Madden 23 Ultimate Team

There's some unfortunate news for Madden 23 Ultimate Team players as the Monster Maker in MUT has been locking players out.

We're going to take a look at the announcement from MaddenNFLDirect along with why exactly this is happening and what's being done about it.

Let's take a look at what's changed in Ultimate Team and how it was fixed.

Monster Maker kicks users out of MUT 23

The Monster Maker in Madden 23 Ultimate Team was kicking several players out of the game mode yesterday but it seems as if it's been fixed.

The big problem is that it wasn't just kicking players out of the game mode but locking them out of their accounts.

Check out the tweet below:

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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MONSTER MAKER: Players are beginning to log back into their accounts.

It was later announced that an update has been performed to fix this issue but a few things in Madden 23 Ultimate Team were disabled to fix it.

Let's take a look at how this problem was fixed and what players will need to avoid in the future since Season 2 was just launched.

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Monster Maker FIXED in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

A hotfix update was deployed in Madden 23 Ultimate Team to remedy the problem with the Monster Maker late last night.

To fix the issue the Chemistry Options have been removed for the time being while EA dives deeper into the issue.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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UPDATES: Players should be able to use the Monster Maker again.

The question we have about this "fix" is whether players will be able to provide the Team Chemistry options after. However, this hasn't been addressed in Madden 23 Ultimate Team yet.

They've also started to hide negative comments criticizing EA under the MaddenNFLDirect posts, still, they're not going anywhere.

MUT Rewards revealed for Season 2

The MUT rewards were revealed in Madden 23 Ultimate Team for Season 2. You'll have two months to earn all of the rewards available.

Check out what you can expect:

  • Rookie: 2 Midfield Packs Pro
  • 2 Gameday Packs All-Pro
  • 2 Pro Gameday Packs Legendary
  • 4 Pro Elite Packs

Be sure to start completing Missions and Solo Battles to take advantage of all the rewards that are available in MUT this season.

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