Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers players revealed as Zero Chill arrives

Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers have begun to arrive in Ultimate Team with the launch of Zero Chill.

We've got details on all the Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers players revealed so far, when more could arrive, and how you can unlock them in MUT 23.

Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers players arrive with Zero Chill

With the end of Season 2, it's officially Zero Chill time in Ultimate Team with tons of new arrivals including Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers.

Announced during the Madden 23 Zero Chill reveal stream, Stocking Stuffers will be getting four different releases throughout the duration of this program.

They didn't confirm if these will all be simultaneous with the Zero Chill releases, of which there are also four, but we do know how many cards are coming.

Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers Zero Chill Ultimate Team
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Each of the Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers releases will include 8 players, so by the final release there will be 32 new players with one for each team.

This should offer some Theme Team upgrades for players no matter how their Ultimate Team squad is put together.

All Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers Players (so far)

As previously mentioned there will be 32 players in total, but so far we've only learned about the first 8 arriving in Zero Chill.

Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers Zero Chill Ultimate Team
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Here are our first Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers players:

  • Daniel Carlson (K) - 92 OVR - Las Vegas Raiders
  • Jordan Mailata (LT) - 92 OVR - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jared Goff (QB) - 92 OVR - Detroit Lions
  • Devin Bush (MLB) - 92 OVR - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Xavier McKinney (FS) - 92 OVR - New York Giants
  • Nyheim Hines (HB) - 92 OVR - Buffalo Bills
  • Allen Lazard (WR) - 92 OVR - Green Bay Packers
  • Bradley Chubb (LOLB) - 92 OVR - Miami Dolphins

How to unlock Stocking Stuffers in Madden 23 Zero Chill

If you're hoping to get any of these cards on your Madden 23 Ultimate Team, it is definitely going to take some grinding.

Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers Sets are live in Zero Chill and you'll need six different new cards to unlock one.

Madden 23 Stocking Stuffers Zero Chill Ultimate Team
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Players can exchange 2x 90 OVR Zero Chill players and 4x 85 OVR Zero Chill players for a single 92 OVR Stocking Stuffer in MUT 23.

You'll want to start on the Zero Chill Field Pass and grind through challenges, Snowball Fight, House Rules, and more to snag the cards you'll need.

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