Madden 23 Ratings Tight Ends that will see a boost

The Madden 23 ratings continue to be updated and since National Tight Ends Day was this weekend we think a few tight ends deserve an update.

Two of our selections include some household names that performed well during Week 7.

Let's take a look at their current ratings and how they performed.

Madden 23 ratings update

There's a chance for ten tight ends in the NFL to receive a Madden 23 ratings update and we have the list of players that were on a watch list.

A few of them did really well, including Travis Kelce, who already has the highest overall rating at 98 OVR.

With the top ten tight ends on the watch list, who performed well enough to earn a Madden 23 ratings boost?

Here are the players that made the top ten list:

  • Travis Kelce - 98 OVR
  • Mark Andrews - 96 OVR
  • George Kittle - 95 OVR
  • T.J. Hockenson - 89 OVR
  • Darren Waller - 88 OVR
  • Dallas Goedert - 87 OVR
  • Kyle Pitts - 86 OVR
  • Zach Ertz - 85 OVR
  • Dawson Knox - 84 OVR
  • Mike Gesicki - 84 OVR

Only a few of these players really showed out in Week 6 so we're going to take a look at the players that did and what kind of Madden 23 ratings boost they'll receive.

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Which tight ends will get a bump?

As we mentioned a few of these players had much better games than the others, George Kittle being the most notable.

Kittle had six receptions for 98 yards and a touchdown. Travis Kelce had the same amount of receiving yards but Mark Andrews finished the game without a single reception.

Madden 23 ratings
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RATINGS UPDATE: Unfortunately, Andrews finished the game without a single reception.

David Njoku had a strong outing, catching seven passes for 71 yards. He'll likely see a small bump to his Madden 23 ratings.

Andrews, however, could end up seeing his rating drop after his lack of targets and production in Week 7.

How to call the Ratings Adjusters

If you think your favorite tight end deserves a boost to his Madden 23 ratings you can call the Ratings Hotline to plead your case.

You're going to want to make sure you have all of your information ready as the adjusters could ask you quite a few questions as to why you think a certain player needs a boost.

Madden 23 ratings
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CALL IN: Explain to the Ratings Adjusters why you think someone deserves a boost.

Call the phone number 689-278-3030 to speak with the group responsible for the Madden 23 ratings. You can leave a voicemail if it doesn't get through the first time.

For more information on the latest update, follow this link.

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