Madden 23 Ratings Patrick Surtain II roster update

Each week, depending on performances, the Madden 23 ratings are adjusted and this week is no different as a few players received some attention.

One of these players is Patrick Surtain II, who ended up getting an adjustment as well after several phone calls to the Ratings Hotline.

Let's take a look at a few new ratings and how to call yourself.

Patrick Surtain Madden 23 Ratings

Patrick Surtain II has been a lockdown defensive back this year and now his Madden 23 ratings reflect his performance.

He was the subject matter behind several calls to the Ratings Adjusters for EA and you can listen to one fan plead his case in the tweet below.

As you can see, Surtain received a Madden 23 ratings boost to several individual attributes but the main point is he's now an 89 OVR.

He became one of the highest-rated defensive backs in the game with call to the Ratings Hotline, so let's go over how you can call yourself.

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How to call the Ratings Adjusters

If there's a player that you'd like to receive an additional look at their Madden 23 ratings, you can make a phone call to the Ratings Adjusters.

To make a call to the Ratings Adjusters, all you'll need to do is dial 689-278-3030 and plead your case.

Madden 23 ratings
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RATINGS ADJUSTERS: Call in today to vote for who you think deserves an update.

We're expecting that several players will call in for Joe Burrow who threw 481 yards and three touchdowns against the Atlanta Falcons.

There's another way that you can vote for a Madden 23 ratings update by participating in the B/R Fan Boost vote.

Vote on the B/R Ratings Fan Boost

The great part about the Madden 23 ratings is that there are several ways to vote for NFL players to receive a bump to their ratings.

Through the B/R Fan Boost, you can vote on three different players that performed really well on defense in Week 7.

Madden 23 ratings
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FAN BOOST: Who do you think should get a Madden 23 ratings boost.

Whoever wins the B/R Gridiron Fan Boost receives a +1 OVR to their Madden 23 ratings, last week it was running back for the New York Jets, Breece Hall.

We took a look at all of the players available for the B/R Fan Boost and went over who we thought deserved it the most.

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