Madden 22 Playoffs Part 3: All players revealed for final release

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The Madden 22 Playoffs promo rolls on for one final drop as Release 3 prepares to drop even more new players into Ultimate Team as the NFL Postseason nears a close.

We've got full details on all the new players that have been revealed for the Madden 22 Playoffs Part 3 release and when they'll arrive in Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Playoffs Part 3: Release Date & Time

Madden 22 has been rolling the Playoffs promo on for a few weeks already and things are about to reach a conclusion as some of the program's best cards hit MUT 22.

After some hype going into this final reveal, we got details on all 10 new players hitting Madden 22 Ultimate Team as part of Playoffs Release 3 during the latest episode of Good Morning Madden.

All of these are expected to go live in-game on Friday, January 28, 2022, but we don't have an official release time as that can vary based on the team facing technical issues.

Generally, they try to send new promo drops like this live as early as 10am ET, but it could easily be delayed into the afternoon which is not uncommon.

Madden 22 Playoffs Part 3
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IT'S GOOD: This kicker is a must-have for your Ultimate Team

While it might not be the sexiest card at a glance, the highlight in this group just may be Bengals kicker Evan McPherson, as this card's real strength lies in a baked-on ability.

This new Playoffs Evan McPherson card comes with Focus Kicker for 1 AP, an ability that normally costs 2 AP. With that discount, you can also equip Precision Kicker for 1 AP and then head into a game with kicking on lock.

Focus Kicker slows down the kick meter to make it easier to nail the power as intended, and Precision Kicker lets you see exact kick art to see where a ball is going to land after being kicked.

All Playoffs Release 3 Players Revealed

There aren't a ton of players this week as the Playoffs promo wraps up, as we've got 4 Standouts, 4 Champions, 1 LTD, and 1 specialty player available in challenges.

Playoffs Standouts (94 OVR)

  • Amani Hooker (SS) - 94 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Rashan Gary (LOLB) - 94 OVR - Green Bay Packers
  • Leonard Fournette (HB) - 94 OVR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Gabriel Davis (WR) - 94 OVR - Buffalo Bills

Playoffs Champions (96 OVR)

  • Mecole Hardman (WR) - 96 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Nick Scott (SS) - 96 OVR - Los Angeles Rams
  • Jordan Willis (RE) - 96 OVR - San Francisco 49ers
  • Evan McPherson (K) - 96 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals

Playoffs LTD (97 OVR)

  • Stefon Diggs (WR) - 97 OVR - Minnesota Vikings

Playoffs Challenges Reward

  • Jordan Whitehead (FS) - 93 OVR
    • 14 Stars in Challenges required to unlock
    • Receives double Team Chemistry for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and regular Team Chemistry for all 31 other NFL teams

We've also just seen Team of the Year finally arrive in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, and we've got full details here as all the players have been revealed.

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