Madden 22: NFL Combine Set debuts a 97 OVR Cam Newton

It's great to see that Madden 22 is continuing to deliver new content even though the regular NFL year has come to a close.

The Madden 22 NFL Combine set is live now and features two Champions, both of which we'll cover below.

Let's take a look at the new cards, the sets, and what they're going for at the Auction House.

Madden 22 NFL Combine Set

We love the new cards and sets being brought to the game and the Madden 22 NFL Combine set is bringing some great ones.

Released to MUT 22 on February 25th, 2022, the NFL Combine set has four great cards, two of which are the Champions. One of our favorites is the 97 OVR Cam Newton.

Madden 22 NFL Combine
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NEW SET: The Madden 22 NFL Combine Set is available now in Ultimate Team

Madden 22 is also bringing the fastest player to MUT when Chris Johnson debuts to Ultimate Team tomorrow. He ran a 4.24 40-yard dash during the NFL Combine.

Out of all of the NFL Combine players, the 97 OVR Chris Johnson is a must-have.

NFL Combine MUT 22 Challenges

If you're looking to start earning these cards by completing MUT 22 Challenges, you can log onto Madden 22 today and start your work.

The first players you'll earn are the NCAT 94 OVR Desean Jackson and Bud Dupree cards. Each of these cards could help out your Madden Ultimate Team, especially if you need a speedy wide receiver.

If you're looking to purchase some of the better cards from the NFL Combine set, we have this guide for you below:

  • Vince Wilfork - DT (98 OVR) - 420K
  • Jason Kelce - C (98 OVR) - 410K
  • Cam Newton - QB (97 OVR) - 370K
  • Chris Johnson - RB (97 OVR) - 317K
  • J.J Watt - LE (97 OVR) - 300K

These are just a few of our favorite cards from the NFL Combine set in Madden 22. There are a ton of more cards to choose from that might fit your Ultimate Team better.

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