Madden 22: How to fix it if you can't buy packs in Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Ultimate Team players may be running into issues where they can't buy packs, but the good news is there is a fix.

We've got all the details as Zero Chill rolls strong in Madden 22 Ultimate Team and Presents start to pop open.

Madden 22 Zero Chill and Presents could be the culprit if you can't buy packs

Madden 22 has been thriving with Zero Chill, and one aspect of that exciting promo has been the arrival of Presents.

Presents are one of the many unique collectible items built into the Zero Chill program, and players have been earning them since it began.

As is fitting, those Presents are all due to burst open on Christmas Day, December 25, 2021, and at that point they'll all turn into unopened packs in each user's inventory.

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PRESENTS: Once they burst open, you could get all kinds of new packs

It's that process that could be causing issues for many, especially if you already have some unopened packs in your inventory and had been grinding to earn lots of Presents.

There is an in-game limit to how many unopened packs you have in your inventory at one given time, and this was confirmed during Good Morning Madden.

While they weren't able to confirm the exact amount, it was stated that the pack limit is "200 or 250," so hopefully this won't hit most players, but it could be the culprit if your inventory is a bit full.

If you're unable to purchase more packs in Ultimate Team from the store, hitting that inventory cap after Presents open could be your cause.

How to fix not being able to buy packs in Ultimate Team

The good news is that, if you're facing this issue, the fix is actually extremely simple in Ultimate Team.

If you're unable to purchase more packs, simply head to your inventory and start opening your unopened packs.

If you had tons of Presents, that could turn out to be a lengthy process, but it may be the only way to remedy your ability to purchase more packs in the Ultimate Team store.

If you're playing and have gone through this process but are still having issues purchasing packs, it may actually be a bug or an issue with your account.

If you're in that situation and opening your unopened packs didn't resolve the problem, your next step should be seeking assistance at the official EA Help website.

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