Madden 21 The 50: Lawrence Taylor, Barry Sanders, Kevin Mawae Arrive in MUT 21

Madden 21 just got a huge batch of top level MUT 21 cards for the new year in The 50 and Ghosts of Madden.

Let's go over the 3 new 96 OVR cards capping off The 50 as the first massive Madden Ultimate Team drop in 2021.

Madden 21 The 50

The 50 is a massive Madden 21 promo that has spanned a ton of different positions and OVRs, but its capping off with 3 massive new drops that are now live!

Madden 21 Ultimate Team The 50 MUT 21 Barry Sanders
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IMPACT: A massive star can be the difference for your Ultimate Team squad

These drops are neck and neck with the other best cards in MUT 21 at 96 OVR.

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Let's go over these new game-changing MUT 21 The 50 cards.

Final Drops of The 50 Don't Disappoint

MUT 21 The 50 has ended with a bang with its final 3 cards in today's drop.

Lawrence Taylor - ROLB (96 OVR)

The first new drop is Lawrence Taylor. Taylor joins a stacked superstar lineup of potential outside linebackers in Madden 21 Ultimate Team. But even surrounded by other elite players at the position, Taylor is arguably the strongest in the game.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team MUT 21 The 50 Lawrence Taylor Pack
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L.T. IS HERE: Lawrence Taylor has arrived as one of the final drops from The 50

MUT 21 The 50 Lawrence Taylor is a dominant force on the field with 95 Power Moves, 95 Acceleration, and 92 Finesse Moves.

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This makes him the best outside linebacker in MUT 21 for pressure, and he'll be a fan favorite instantly.

Barry Sanders - HB (96 OVR)

Barry Sanders has arrived in MUT 21 The 50, and is immediately in contention for best HB in Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 The 50 MUT 21 Barry Sanders
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CUT UP: Barry Sanders can make any MUT 21 defense look ridiculous

The new MUT 21 The 50 Barry Sanders card will be incredibly hard to catch with 97 Acceleration, 97 Change of Direction, 97 Agility, and 94 Break Tackle.

Kevin Mawae - C (96 OVR)

Certainly the most underrated drop of MUT 21 The 50's finale is legendary Center Kevin Mawae.

MUT 21 The 50 Madden Ultimate Team Kevin Mawae
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FRONT LINE: Kevin Mawae is the best offensive lineman in MUT 21

Madden 21 The 50's Mawae is the best C in Madden 21 Ultimate Team - in fact the best offensive lineman entirely.

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This makes him an incredibly valuable pickup for any MUT 21 team.

Mawae's new card has 96 Run Block, 96 Run Block Finesse, 95 Run Block Power, 95 Pass Block Finesse, and 92 Pass Block Power. This means Mawae is a perfect fit for running or passing-heavy schemes.

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