Madden 21 TOTW 16 Predictions: MUT Team of the Week - Kamara, Adams, LTD, POTW & more

With every game, the playoff picture gets clearer and we get closer to the massive TOTY cards.

Another Sunday in the books means another set of performances to predict who will be added to Madden 21’s Ultimate Team.

Who will get the big cards this time?

Madden 21 TOTW 16 release date

Unlike the usual weekly releases, there was an announcement on Good Morning Madden that EA Sports would be focusing on the Zero Chill Christmas releases

This means that the TOTW cards will be stored and released in one big update in January. So on January 12th 2021, we will get four weeks in one - week 14 thru 17.

WAITING GAME: Mid-January and we get four drops in one
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WAITING GAME: Mid-January and we get four drops in one

Make sure to do the solo challenge so you get your Team of the Year token!

LTD – Alvin Kamara

There could be no other choice this week.

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Kamara came to a coaching decision away from breaking the single-game record for rushing TDs.

In the Saints 52 point destruction of the Vikings, Kamara had 6 rushing TDs. He should have had a 7th but Taysom Hill was put in on the 1-yard line and scored.

He shares the backfield with multiple players, which stops him from making claims for season awards - but this was a performance of note and worth a top card.

POTW – Devante Adams

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Devante Adams is having a great season and it continued against the Titans this weekend in the SNF game.

With 11 catches for 142 yards and three TDs, Adams was one of the highest-scoring players over the weekend.

In fact, if your opponent had Alvin Kamara in fantasy then Adams might have been the only antidote.

His best current card is an 89 OVR TOTW week 1, but that is going to change.


This year the TOTW Heroes are used to get more historical players into the game.

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It’s almost impossible to guess, but seeing the Jets getting a win they might fancy boosting fans' experiences, so something like Fred Taylor could easily come into the game here to help make Jags fans feel better about securing the #1 pick.

Rest of TOTW 16 predictions

Who could get the other slots in the TOTW promo?

Let’s take a look.

Mike Evans

His 93 OVR TOTW week 11 card might make this one a bit unnecessary, but there’s no doubt he had a big weekend.

He caught 10 receptions for 181 yards and two TDs in the win against the Lions.

With Julio Jones and Michael Thomas out, he is showing he can be the best WR in the NFC South.

AJ Dillon

The 2nd round pick rookie HB showed this weekend what the Packers saw in him to take him that high.

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He made the most of the opportunity and actually had the majority of the team's carries.

He racked up 124 rushing yards and two TDs in the victory against the Titans.

Jeff Wilson

The undrafted RB has been steadily getting opportunities through the season, but really exploded in wk16.

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He had 204 yards from scrimmage and a TD as the 49ers upset the Cardinals in a big rivalry game with playoff implications.

This might not be the last we see of Wilson.

Tre Boston

Boston has been around the league a little but is finding success again now he's back in Carolina.

The defense showed up big for the Panthers in their win against the Washington Football Team.

Boston led from the safety spot and had 6 tackles and an interception - he was all over the field.

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