Madden 21 Ratings: Week 13 Roster Update predictions - Van Noy, Adams, Hunt, Olszewski, Hopkins & more

There were a huge amount of standout performances in week 13 of the NFL. Players are really stepping up before the playoffs.

We know that EA likes to update the Madden rosters based on performance trends.

Who will be getting a boost in the next roster update? And which players will be getting a downgrade?

Kyle Van Noy (83 to 84)

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Kyle Van Noy terrorized the Bengals OL this week and was all over the field.

The former Patriot registered 8 tackles and 3 sacks, constantly getting to Brandon Allen in the Bengals backfield.

Quinton Spain (74 to 73)

Any of the Bengals OL could appear here, but as one of the most senior, we think it falls to Spain to take the hit.

He was constantly beaten in the Bengals 7-19 loss to the Dolphins. They gave up 6 sacks with the edge rushers giving them nightmares.

Devante Adams (97 to 98)

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Devante Adams is having a great season and is now over the 1,000-yard mark for the season despite missing games.

He added to his tally with 10 catches for 121 yards and two TDs in the Packers' win against the Eagles. He is making his case to be in the 99 Club.

Kareem Hunt (87 to 85)

With the emergence of Nick Chubb, it's clear that Kareem Hunt is the 2nd rusher in Cleveland.

There's no doubting Hunt still has a lot of talent, but we think it's about the time his rating came down a little.

In the 41-35 shootout win vs the Titans, Hunt had 14 rushes for 33 yards. That's only 2.4 yards per carry. And it wasn't about a monster defense as Chubb managed 4.4 yards per carry in the same game.

Corey Davis (82 to 83)

Being a top 5 pick in the 2017 draft, you would expect to hear about Corey Davis more.

He's taken his time hitting the big time, but he's on the radar now.

He rocked week 13 with 11 catches for 182 yards and one TD in the Titans' loss to the Browns.

DeAndre Hopkins (99 to 98)

Yes, he literally joined the 99 Club a couple of weeks ago. But that was a bit premature and this week proved it.

In the 28-38 loss to the Rams, Hopkins only managed to contribute 8 catches for 52 yards and one TD. Not a bad catching tally, but with that yardage it only equates to 6.5 yards per catch.

Gunner Olszewski (62 to 65)

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You try to pronounce his name.

You'll get to know the name in the future. The Patriots have found their next smaller, fast receiver.

Not only did Olszewski have 3 punt returns for 143 yards, but he also returned one to the house. Then he added a 38 yard TD catch too.

Austin Ekeler (86 to 85)

Some people think Ekeler is playing hurt, but he hasn't managed a 100-yard rushing game yet this season.

The Chargers went behind quickly in their 0-45 loss to the Patriots and were never looking to run the ball. But that aside, Ekeler registered just 8 carries for 36 yards and 4 receptions for 32 yards.

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