Madden 21: DeAndre Hopkins Joins the 99 Club

It's a big day for Madden 21, as a 7th member of the prestigious 99 Club is here, DeAndre Hopkins.

Hopkins was the trade steal of the decade for the Arizona Cardinals, and they've shown just why by targeting him nearly 10 times a game with massive success.

Let's go over the Madden 21 rating upgrade for DeAndre Hopkins as he breaks the 99 threshold.

Madden 21 99 Club

The 99 Club is a prestigious group in the Madden series. With Madden 21 expanding the club to 5 members by adding Michael Thomas, then 6 by adding Russell Wilsoin, it's gotten bigger than ever.

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LAST ADDITION: Russell Wilson was the last 99 Club to join in Madden 21

That's because the new 7th member of the Madden 21 99 Club is DeAndre Hopkins.

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This means the Madden 21 99 Club is now: Aaron Donald, Christian McCaffrey, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Westbrook, and Stephon Gilmore.

DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins lines up opposite of Larry Fitzgerald in the modern Cardinals offense, but he looks like Fitzgerald in his prime.

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This will soon follow suit in Madden 21 ratings, where DeAndre Hopkins is receiving the bump to 99 OVR.

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So which ratings went up?

We have yet to get an official reveal on DeAndre Hopkins' new Madden 21 ratings.

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We expect he will be the key piece of the upcoming week 10 Roster Update, where hundreds of Madden 21 ratings are adjusted according to the NFL season.

You can read our predictions for the week 10 Roster Update here!

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